Curriculum Outline

First Year

TU100                   Civic Education

TU101                   Thailand, ASEAN, and the World

TU102                   Social Life Skills

TU103                   Life and Sustainability

TU104                   Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing

TU105                   Communication in English Skills

TU106                   Creativity and Communication

TU116                   Man and Arts: Visual Art, Music and Performing Arts

TU124                   Society and Economy

AS125                   Introduction to ASEAN

MU105                  World Music

IAC230                  Academic Reading and Writing in the Humanities and the Social Sciences

IAC226                  Introduction to Chinese Civilization


Second Year

IAC210                  Introduction to International Studies

IAC221                  The Historical Background of Modern Southeast Asia

IAC231                  Research Writing in the Humanities and the Social Sciences

IAC317                  Tourism in ASEAN

IAC316                  The Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia

IAC330                  Advanced Oral Communication

IAC331                  Intercultural Communication

SE201                   International Community and International Law

EE213                   Introductory Microeconomics

EE214                   Introductory Macroeconomics

PO271                   Introduction to International Relations

IAC2XX                 Compulsory Foreign Language 1

IAC2XX                 Compulsory Foreign Language 2


Second to Third Year: Choices of Language

Chinese, Melayu, Burmese, Spanish, Thai


Third Year                               

IAC211                  China and the Modern World

IAC301                  Knowledge Discovery in Humanities and Social Sciences

IAC320                  ASEAN in Global Context

IAC327                  Thailand in a Global Context

IAC336                  Society and Culture in Contemporary China

IAC337                  Exploring Modern China Through Films

IAC338                  Contemporary ASEAN Literature

IAC339                  Creative Industry and the Media in ASEAN

IAC340                  The Political Economy of ASEAN

IAC341                  The Political and Economic Development of China

IAC430                  Artistic Expression and Inspiration

IACXXX                 Elective Course

IAC3XX                 Compulsory Foreign Language 3

IAC3XX                 Compulsory Foreign Language 4


Fourth Year

IAC401                  Research Methodology in Social Sciences and Humanities

IAC420                  ASEAN and China

IACXXX                 Elective Course

IACXXX                 Elective Course

IACXXX                 Elective Course

IACXXX                 Elective Course