Specific Courses


Specific Courses that are required by the Program                   Total: 93 Credits


1.Compulsory Courses Subtotal: 39 Credits


SE201 International Community and International Law                         3 Credits


EE213 Introductory Microeconomics                                                    3 Credits


EE214 Introductory Macroeconomics                                                   3 Credits


PO271 Introduction to International Relations                                      3 Credits


IAC210 Introduction to International Studies                                        3 Credits


IAC211 China and the Modern World                                                    3 Credits


IAC221 The Historical Background of Modern Southeast Asia               3 Credits


IAC301 Knowledge Diversity in Humanities and Social Sciences          3 Credits


IAC320 ASEAN in a Global Context                                                      3 Credits


IAC340 The Political and Economic Development of ASEAN                 3 Credits


IAC341 The Political and Economic Development of China                   3 Credits


IAC401 Research Methodology in Social Sciences and Humanities       3 Credits


IAC420 ASEAN and China                                                                     3 Credits


2.Compulsory English Language Courses             Subtotal: 15 Credits


IAC230 Academic Reading and Writing in the Humanities
and the Social Sciences                                                                       3 Credits


IAC231 Research Writing in the Humanities and the Social Sciences    3 Credits


IAC330 Advanced Oral Communication                                                3 Credits


IAC331 Intercultural Communication                                                    3 Credits


IAC430 Artistic Expression and Inspiration                                          3 Credits


3.Compulsory Foreign Language Courses Subtotal: 12 Credits


IAC263 Communicative Vietnamese 1                                                  3 Credits


IAC264 Communicative Vietnamese 2                                                  3 Credits


IAC363 Communicative Vietnamese 3                                                  3 Credits


IAC364 Communicative Vietnamese 4                                                  3 Credits


IAC273 Communicative Burmese 1                                                       3 Credits


IAC274 Communicative Burmese 2                                                       3 Credits


IAC373 Communicative Burmese 3                                                       3 Credits


IAC374 Communicative Burmese 3                                                       3 Credits


IAC283 Communicative Melayu 1                                                         3 Credits


IAC284 Communicative Melayu 2                                                         3 Credits


IAC383 Communicative Melayu 3                                                         3 Credits


IAC384 Communicative Melayu 4                                                         3 Credits


IAC293 Communicative Chinese 1                                                        3 Credits


IAC294 Communicative Chinese 2                                                        3 Credits


IAC393 Communicative Chinese 3                                                        3 Credits


IAC394 Communicative Chinese 4                                                        3 Credits


IAC265 Communicative Thai 1                                                              3 Credits


IAC275 Communicative Thai 2                                                              3 Credits


IAC365 Communicative Thai 3                                                             3 Credits


IAC375 Communicative Thai 4                                                              3 Credits


4.Elective Courses Subtotal: 27 Credits


IAC226 Introduction to Chinese Civilization                                         3 Credits


IAC216 Ethnicity in ASEAN                                                                  3 Credits


IAC316 The Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia                                  3 Credits


IAC317 Tourism in ASEAN                                                                   3 Credits


IAC327 Thailand in a Global Context                                                    3 Credits


IAC336 Society and Culture in Contemporary China                             3 Credits


IAC337 Exploring Modern China Through Films                                    3 Credits


IAC338 Contemporary ASEAN Literature                                              3 Credits


IAC339 Creative Industry and the Media in ASEAN                               3 Credits


IAC417 Seminar in Contemporary ASEAN Issues                                 3 Credits


IAC446 Sino-ASEAN Business Strategies                                             3 Credits


IAC447 Chinese Government and its Policies                                       3 Credits

Free Elective Courses

Students are permitted take any two elective courses from those offered within Thammasat University (English-language courses) or under the ASEAN-China Program.